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К (Mg-Ca-S) 44±4 (15-5-3) Na 8%, Zn 0.1%, Si 5%, Se 0.01% + НА

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Along with Nitrogen and phosphorus, the potassium is a basic element of mineral plant nutrition, which has a significant importance for synthesis, metabolism, transformation and migration of carbohydrates from leaf surface of plants to their reproductive organs.

In case of potassium deficit in the soil plants suffer from impairment of nitrogen metabolism, weakening of growth processes (as a result – ripening retardation of agricultural crops), reduction in photosynthesis processes intensity, resulting in quality deterioration of crop production and its yield. Sufficient provision of plants with potassium increases their frost and drought resistance as well as resistance to lodging and diseases. Furthermore, plants better retains moisture.

Mineral fertilizer KaliyMag-AGRO HUMIC ACTIVE combines rather high concentration of potassium along with a range of essential microelements – magnesium, natrium, calcium, silicon, sulphur, zinc, ferrum, copper, boron, selenium. It has prolonged action due to physiologically active organo-mineral form.

KaliyMag-AGRO HUMIC ACTIVE fertilizer is produced using microrlement complex (chelate-citrates Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo, Co, La, Ge), contains humic acids, proteins, carbonhydrates, vitamins В, С, biotin and chelated amber acid. Presence of humic and folic acids:

  • enhances growth of the root system and oxidation-reduction processes at the start;
  • improves acquisition of other fertilizers and available hard-to-reach soil elements;
  • improves plant immunity and resistance to droughts, diseases, plant protection agent treatment.

KaliyMag-AGRO HUMIC ACTIVE is physiologically balanced based on its POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM ratio, allowing to use it in full doses in order to obtain maximum yields demanding for potassium nutrition of crops.


Magnesium is responsible for chlorophyl formation in plant leaves, significantly effects on carbohydrates formation and their transportation from leaves to roots resulting in building stronger root system. Sugar beets, potato, cereal and grain legume crops, legume grasses, sunflower and maize are the most magnesium-demanding plants. Panic grass, cannabis and sorgo are also significantly sensitive to magnesium deficit. Growth retardation of plants occurs when the magnesium content in soil is less than 1-2 mg per 100 g of soil.

Silicon initiate the growth and development of plants, in particular their root system and leaves,; adds mechanical hardness to various plant organs; contributes to better metabolism of nitrogen and phosphorus; enhances consumption of boron and a range of other microelements; normalizes acquisition and distribution of magnesium; it is particularly necessary in stress conditions, protecting plants from adverse effect of the environment.


KALIYMAG-AGRO HUMIC ACTIVE is used for all types of soils and all agricultural

crops: in autumn during primary cultivation, in spring during cultivation Fertilizer application rate:

Crop Fertilizer application rate, kg/ha
Cabbage 450
Sugar beets 250-400
Potato 250-350
Winter and spring sown rapeseed
Mangel-wurzel, Carrot
Maize, Sunflower 200-300
Cereal crops (wheat, barley, oats…) 150-350
Cucumbers, Tomatoes 200-250
Onion, garlic 150


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