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10 грн.

NK (Ca, Mg, S) 5-30 (15-6-14) Na 8%, Zn 0.1%, Si 5%, Se 0.01% + НА


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Nitrogen-potash mineral fertilizer with micronutrients (S-Mg-Ca-Na-Zn-Si-Se+HA) is intended for application, primarily, with soils with sufficient phosphorus content – for agricultural crops:


  • demanding for sufficient amount of sulphur – rapeseed, wheat, buckwheat, cabbage;
  • mostly prone to ammonium nitrogen then nitrate nitrogen – potato, sugarbeet and mangel-wurzel, maize, wheat;
  • well responding to weak-acid reaction of soil solution – sunflower, potato, tomato, carrot, raspberry, gooseberry etc.

KaliyMag-Agro HUMIC ACTIVE NK fertilizer is produced using microrlement complex (chelate-citrates Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo, Co, La, Ge), contains humic acids, proteins, carbonhydrates, vitamins В, С, biotin and chelated amber acid. Presence of humic and folic acids:


  • enhances growth of the root system and oxidation-reduction processes at the start;
  • improves acquisition of other fertilizers and available hard-to-reach soil elements;
  • improves plant immunity and resistance to droughts, diseases, plant protection agent treatment 

All fertilizer elements are chelated by natural amber acid useful for all crops, which contributes to activation of main enzymes, acid-secretory and absorbing function of the root system.

KaliyMag-Agro HUMIC ACTIVE NK is effective within the whole vegetation period of agricultural crops. It significantly increases the yield and quality of agricultural products providing a high agronomic and economic effectiveness.

Nitrogen and potassium (together with phosphorus) are basic elements of mineral plant nutrition, which have a significant importance for synthesis, metabolism, transformation and migration of carbohydrates from leaf surface of plants to their reproductive organs, new cells forming and their activity. Besides, during autumn fertilization it contributes to decomposition of nutritional residues.


Sulphur participates in nitrogen and protein metabolic processes, and is one of the main constituent elements of plant protein. It also plays an important role as part of some vitamins (В1 and Н), improves nitrogen fixation from the atmosphere and acquisition of microelements by plants. The sulphur improves taste and aromatic properties of plants (onion, garlic), enhances resistance of agricultural crops to diseases and pests.


Magnesium is responsible for chlorophyl formation in plant leaves, significantly effects on carbohydrates formation and their transportation from leaves to roots resulting in building stronger root system. Sugar beets, potato, cereal and grain legume crops, legume grasses, sunflower and maize are the most magnesium-demanding plants. Panic grass, cannabis and sorgo are also significantly sensitive to magnesium deficit. Growth retardation of plants occurs when the magnesium content in soil is less than 1-2 mg per 100 g of soil.


Silicon initiate the growth and development of plants, in particular their root system and leaves,; adds mechanical hardness to various plant organs; contributes to better metabolism of nitrogen and phosphorus; enhances consumption of boron and a range of other microelements; normalizes acquisition and distribution of magnesium; it is particularly necessary in stress conditions, protecting plants from adverse effect of the environment.

KaliyMag-Agro HUMIC ACTIVE NK has a long-term effect, is not accumulated in the soil, however washed out slowly, has small amount of nitrogen and high potassium content, sulphur and magnesium. Fertilizer application rate – from 100 to 400 kg/ha.


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